Superior Dental Plan

SDC Dental Savings Plan

SDC’s Dental Savings Plan was designed and developed for Superior Dental Care (SDC), a leading dental insurance company with one of the largest owned PPO networks in the Midwest. SDC’s Dental Savings Plan is marketed by SDC to more than 10,000 contracted network providers across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

SDC’s Dental Savings Plan was developed to give SDC’s 10,000+ network providers the ability to have their own proprietary, regulatory compliant, and professionally administered In-House Dental Plan for uninsured patients. By partnering with Ascension Dental, SDC and its affiliated network providers can focus on their core business needs and know that their In-House Dental Plan is administered with detail and focus.

Plan Features

  • Marketed by Superior Dental Care (SDC)
  • Available to providers in SDC’s PPO network
  • Regulatory compliant in all states
  • Proprietary to provider or provider group
  • Co-branded marketing materials
  • Customized fee schedules
  • Bi-lingual member engagement
  • Member welcome and renewal calls
  • Member welcome kits with ID cards
  • Member renewal outreach via mail, email, call
  • Online analytics platform for providers
  • Online eligibility verification for providers
  • $1,000 of Keep On Smilin’ Assurance included