Smile Care Savings Plan

Smile Care Savings Plan

Smile Care Savings Plan was designed and developed exclusively for North American Dental Group (NADG), a leading Dental Support Organization (DSO) providing vital business support services to over 100 dental practices across Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and New York.

Ascension Dental partnered with NADG in July of 2016 to design, develop and administer Smile Care Savings Plan on behalf of their 100+ affiliated practices and their uninsured patients needing access to quality, affordable dental care. Smile Care Savings Plan is proprietary to NADG’s affiliated offices and was designed to address the specific needs unique to each location. By partnering with Ascension Dental, NADG’s affiliated providers can continue to focus on practicing excellent dentistry without having to worry about the daily, weekly and monthly administrative tasks that go along with having a professionally administered In-House Dental Plan.

“After completing due diligence of the product offerings available to DSO’s, we chose Ascension Dental as our administrative partner for Smile Care Savings Plan – our proprietary In-House Dental Plan for uninsured patients. The Ascension Dental team has been very hands on with our plan’s administration and our plan’s results prove that. Our practices continue to see improved case acceptance rates, services rendered and practice loyalty from our uninsured patients. Partnering with Ascension Dental has been a great decision as it’s allowed our valued patients without dental insurance the ability to more easily access quality, affordable dental care.”

– Ken Cooper, CEO at North American Dental Group

Plan Features

  • Replaced previous outdated plan
  • Proprietary to NADG’s 100+ offices
  • Regulatory compliant in all states
  • Fee schedules designed by region
  • In-person training for all offices
  • Bi-lingual member engagement
  • Member welcome and renewal calls
  • Member welcome kits and ID cards
  • Member Renewal outreach via mail, email, call
  • Online analytics platform for providers
  • Online eligibility verification for providers

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