TX Dental Plan

TX Dental Plan

The TX Dental Plan Platform (TXDP Platform) is a cloud based platform as a service (PaaS) that was developed as a turnkey solution for independent and small group dental providers across Texas that would like to have their own proprietary, regulatory compliant and professionally administered In-House Dental Plan. Dental providers across Texas that run their In-House Dental Plan’s administration on the TXDP Platform have the ability to customize their plan’s fee schedule and co-branded marketing materials to their exact specifications – and most importantly – on their terms.

The TXDP Platform is packed with revenue generating features geared to help dental offices better service and retain the fast growing number of uninsured patients. These features include customized fee schedules, co-branded marketing materials, generous monthly commissions, initial and continued team training, detailed plan analytics, bi-lingual member services, member ID cards, member renewals, state compliance and much more.

The TXDP Platform is the first of it’s kind and continues to be popular with dentists across Texas. The TXDP Platform remains a leader in the Texas market because it gives dentists the ability to create and customize their In-House Dental Plan in only a few minutes time.

“Running our In-House Dental Plan on the TXDP Platform has allowed us to have our very own proprietary, regulatory compliant, and professionally administered In-House Dental Plan without the many administrative burdens that go along with having a best-in-class plan.”

– Dr. Chris Swayden, Smile Workshop

Plan Features

  • Turnkey online affiliation process
  • Proprietary to provider or provider group
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Co-branded marketing materials
  • Customized fee schedules
  • Bi-lingual member engagement
  • Member welcome and renewal calls
  • Member welcome kits with ID cards
  • Member renewal outreach via mail, email, call
  • Online analytics platform for providers
  • Online eligibility verification for providers
  • $1,000 of Keep On Smilin’ Assurance included