Hey dental providers, dental benefits don’t have to hurt.

Whether you currently have an In-House Dental Plan in place and want to ascend it to the next level or want to have one built from scratch, our experienced team can help!

What We Do

Our unique design, development and administration capabilities allow dental providers to have their own proprietary, regulatory compliant and professionally administered In-House Dental Plan geared to help their offices service and retain the growing number of uninsured patients.


Our experience allows us to consult closely with our partners to make sure their new or revamped In-House Dental Plan is designed for long term success.


Once the design phase is completed, our skilled team of developers works tirelessly to develop all custom features of our partner’s In-House Dental Plan.


Once development is finished, our team of support specialists handles all daily, weekly and monthly administrative tasks to ensure our partner’s In-House Dental Plan produces results.

Partner With Us

We believe progressive partnerships are key to success; we seek to connect with dental providers nationwide to design, develop and administer In-House Dental Plan solutions to help their offices increase their case acceptance rates, services rendered and patient loyalty.

We create value by combining our comprehensive industry knowledge, a suite of unique turnkey administrative capabilities and next-gen thought leadership.

 Comprehensive industry knowledge.

 Unique administration capabilities.

Next-generation thought leadership.

Our Unique Capabilities

We’re your one stop shop for a host of best-in-class administrative capabilities.



We conduct initial and continued in-depth training for your office staff members involved in presenting and closing treatment. Our inclusive training programs ensure that your In-House Dental Plan is understood by all persons involved in its ultimate success.


Provider Engagement

Our dedicated Provider Engagement Specialists are available to service your offices Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm CST. They understand dentistry and take great pride in delivering professional service through a variety of inbound and outbound channels.


Member Engagement

Our dedicated, bi-lingual Member Engagement Specialists provide professional service for your In-House Dental Plan members Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm CST. They do their best to personalize member services through a variety of inbound and outbound channels.



Our marketing team handles the design and furnishing of your In-House Dental Plan’s marketing materials. Be it print or digital, our creative team works hard to stay ahead of the latest trends to produce impactful marketing pieces such as websites, landing pages, brochures, posters, direct mail and more.



We know that you want to be able to analyze your In-House Dental Plan numbers with ease. Our beautifully designed web based Analytics Platform gives you real-time access to your plan’s metrics so you have the information you need to grow your practice.



Our team handles the design and furnishing of a wide array of In-House Dental Plan fulfillment pieces geared to keep your plan members engaged and using their plan within your offices. Our fulfillment capabilities include personalized member welcome kits, member ID cards and member renewal kits.



Our niche focus within this sector of dentistry allows us to effectively consult with you and your offices to ensure that your In-House Dental Plan’s design, development, and administration are in line with industry best practices.



Our billing platform can handle all of your In-House Dental Plan related billing matters on behalf of your offices and plan members. We know billing can be tricky, but our PCI compliant platform can totally handle all aspects of your plan’s billing cycle.



We take compliance serious so you don’t have to. Making sense of the ever-changing landscape of health care regulations isn’t a big deal when you have the right partner with the right approach. We’re a licensed Discount Medication Plan Organization, allowing us to cover your offices under the umbrella of our license.

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