Recap: Ascension Dental Attends The 2018 ADSO Summit

POSTED BY Darren Griffin

Ascension Dental is planning for the evolution of the DSO Industry

Ascension Dental recently attended the Association of Dental Support Organizations 2018 Summit in Austin, Tx. Held on April 18-20th, the ADSO Summit featured presentations on the latest developments from the industry’s leaders and insight on the direction in which the industry is headed, as well as allows DSOs to network.

Here’s what Vice President Michael Shuman had to say about the ADSO Summit:

What was the most valuable thing you learned at this year’s ADSO Summit?

[MS]: The ADSO is great for us from a networking standpoint, but it can also be very educational for us even though we’re not a DSO. Attending the conference allows us to get insight on the challenges that DSO’s face. Not only that but as a growing business, we face a lot of the same challenges, so the ADSO can be very educational for us in that regard as well.

Have you ever attended the ADSO Summit before?

[MS]: Yes, I attended the ADSO last year in Orlando, FL.

How did it feel to have all of the largest dental support organizations in your city?

[MS]: It was great! Our office is located just blocks from the conference which allowed us to invite some key industry leaders over to our headquarters to let them see our operation. I honestly believe that having people visit legitimized our business in their eyes.

How have you seen the industry evolve?

[MS]: Well, the consolidation of dentistry is inevitable at this point. The DSO industry is growing rapidly and I don’t anticipate it slowing down anytime soon, which is great for an Industry Partner like us because we’re in a very unique position as we partner with dental offices and DSO’s of all sizes

What does the future for DSOs look like?

[MS]: DSO expansion will continue. We will continue to see these solo practitioners build their business and add multiple locations, and I think we’ll see the large DSO’s grow rapidly by acquiring these groups of 5-10 locations at a time.

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