Guidance On Pricing Your Membership Plan

POSTED BY Darren Griffin

Implementing an In-House Dental Plan is a great way to attract new patients to your practices, while also keeping the door open to your current patients who are uninsured. In-House dental plans are also a great way to build loyalty from patients as it reduces their dependency on insurance plans and makes dental care much more affordable.

One of the biggest questions asked by dental practices is, “How do I price my in-house dental plan?”

This is a valid concern as practices tend to charge too much for their membership program or not enough. If the program costs too much, the patient won’t buy in because it may be cheaper to find a fitting insurance policy or just not go to the dentist at all. If your membership program is too low, your practice may lose money with every plan you sell.

Take a look at your demographic. We’ve developed an array of different types of programs offered for our partners. Some elect to offer a “discounts only plan” at a low annual fee. Others decide to include free oral exams and x-rays, plus discounts on all other services with an annual fee around $100 per year. Lastly, the most recent trend is to offer free oral exams, x-rays, and cleanings with an annual price ranging from $250-$350 per year. This type of a model further entices the member to come back for their routine visits as the hygiene is paid up-front at the beginning of the membership year.

Ascension Dental provides the necessary tools to make your in-house dental plan successful.

Once you are set up with a pricing plan, you will want to manage your membership program using cloud storage and software. Additionally, you will need a way to automate payments and track your new members. This is where Ascension Dental comes in.

Ascension Dental partners with dental providers and DSO’s across the country to design, develop, and administer their respective In-House Dental Plan.

In order for your plan to be successful, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly managed with focus and attention. You’ll also want to make sure that your plan is compliant with the state. This is an extremely important aspect of In-House Dental Plans that is commonly misconstrued. Because of this, we provide all of the tools and guidance to make your In-House Dental Plan successful as well as handle the regulatory compliance on our partner’s behalf.

If you’d like to implement an in-house dental plan for your practice, schedule your free consultation with Ascension Dental.