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POSTED BY Darren Griffin
Ascension Dental

Hello and welcome to the Ascension Dental blog! We know that there are a lot of dental industry blogs out there for you to choose from, so we’re honored you’re here.

Most dental industry blogs cover a broad range of well known industry topics but don’t provide much, if any, information on impactful niche trends effecting dental providers across the country. We promise that our blog will be as unique and informative for dentists across the country. Our blog posts will be specifically geared for dental providers and will cover a number of trending topics within dentistry – specifically how progressive dental benefit solutions can be utilized by dental providers in a way to better service fee-for-service patients. Our blog will feature rich content from a variety of knowledgeable individuals across the industry.  The Ascension Dental leadership team, all of whom have vast experience with provider-centric dental benefits, will be contributing along with numerous well respected dental professionals from across the country that will be featured periodically as guest bloggers.

We plan on releasing at least 2 blog posts per month so make sure you stay tuned.

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Eric Johnson
Ascension Dental, Founder & CEO