Dental Industry Trends

The Top 5 Dental Industry Trends of 2017 & How They Impact Dentists…

If you’re a dental professional you’re probably already aware that the dental industry is changing at a rapid pace.  In this continually changing environment, it’s very important for dental providers to know what the emerging dental industry trends are and how they will shape the future of dentistry. 2440

Dental providers that thrive in today’s ultra-competitive dental industry are increasingly relying upon proven processes to master the art of presenting treatment to uninsured, self-pay patients.  Statistics show dental providers that allow their team members to utilize a professionally administered In-House Dental Plan when attempting to close treatment see increases in case acceptance rates, services rendered and patient loyalty.  The importance of the case presentation process is magnified even more when the patient that’s being presented the treatment plan is uninsured. 2307

Not all In-House Dental Plans are created equal.

It’s no secret that professionally administered In-House Dental Plans are continuing to prove to be an effective way for dental providers to increase their case acceptance rates, services rendered, practice loyalty and overall bottom lines.  As dentists continue to adopt In-House Dental Plans at record rates, it’s important for dental professionals to understand the many features of a professionally administered In-House Dental Plans and how these unique features compare to the “mom and pop” plans frequently seen today. 2036

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