Using an In-House Dental Plan to Effectively Present & Close Treatment

POSTED BY Darren Griffin

Dental providers that thrive in today’s ultra-competitive dental industry are increasingly relying upon proven processes to master the art of presenting treatment to uninsured, self-pay patients.  Statistics show dental providers that allow their team members to utilize a professionally administered In-House Dental Plan when attempting to close treatment see increases in case acceptance rates, services rendered and patient loyalty.  The importance of the case presentation process is magnified even more when the patient that’s being presented the treatment plan is uninsured.

We highly recommend that dental practices follow the 3 simple approaches illustrated below to improve upon how their practices present treatment to uninsured, self-pay patients.

Dental practices follow these 3 approaches will undoubtedly benefit for years to come.

Improve your practices’ case acceptance rates by following these 3 approaches.

  1. Implement a professionally administered In-House Dental Plan within your dental practices.  It’s no secret that In-House Dental Plans are becoming more and more popular within dental practices nationwide.  However, not all In-House Dental Plan’s are created equal, so make sure your In-House Dental Plan has the administrative features that make it a real dental plan that includes in-office marketing materials, a beautifully designed website with enrollment capabilities, regulatory compliant member terms and conditions, member welcome kits with member ID cards, as well as a renewal strategy that will keep your patients involved with your In-House Dental Plan and coming back to your practices for years to come.  There are a handful of In-House Dental Plan solutions out there for dental providers so do your due diligence and choose a partner that will administer your plan with detail and focus.  Ascension Dental continues to be a popular choice for provider groups of all sizes that are in need of a best-in-class plan.
  2. Present your In-House Dental Plan’s member savings side-by-side your Retail Fees.  Saving money is a strong emotion – much stronger than the emotion your patients feel when they are told they’re in need of dental work.  Statistics show that when uninsured patients are presented a professionally administered In-House Plan at the time of service, case acceptance rates and services rendered will increase dramatically.  This approach takes advantage of 2 of the many features of an In-House Dental Plan: no waiting periods and no maximums.
  3. Instruct your team to never verbally discount treatment price again.  Utilizing a professionally administered In-House Plan is great, but unless your team is trained to be disciplined in their approach, your In-House Dental Plan will have nominal results and your practice will continue to suffer from treating uninsured patients on a case-by-case basis.  For example, here at Ascension Dental, we train our partners and their dental practices to either charge their uninsured patients the full Retail Fee or have them enroll in their practices In-House Dental Plan to receive discounts – no plan, no discounts.  By following this simple approach, you’ll know that your team members are following a tried-and-trued method of effectively presenting treatment to uninsured, self-pay patients.  This approach is easily scalable, you shouldn’t have a problem implementing across multiple practices.

Hear what dental providers are saying about their In-House Dental Plan results.

My dental practices continue to enjoy the many benefits of our professionally administered In-House Dental Plan. Our plan’s features are vital to its impact on our practices and uninsured patients alike. Last year, one of my practices saw over $500,000 in services rendered from our In-House Dental Plan members and our annual renewal rate is 77%. – Dr. Himesh Kana, DDS Owner at Dental Depot

After completing due diligence of the product offerings available to DSO’s, we chose Ascension Dental as our administrative partner for Smile Care Savings Plan – our proprietary In-House Dental Plan offering.  The Ascension Dental team has been very hands on with our plan’s administration and our plan results prove that.  Our practices continue to see improved case acceptance rates, services rendered and practice loyalty from our uninsured patients.  Partnering with Ascension Dental has been a great decision as it has allowed our valued patients that don’t have dental insurance with the ability to more easily access quality, affordable care. – Ken Cooper, CEO at North American Dental Group